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2023 -all rights reserved - Luca Nizzoli Toetti 

2023 -all rights reserved - Luca Nizzoli Toetti 

Luca Nizzoli Toetti, from Venezia.

Photographer, teacher and musician.

More than 20 years of career between publications in newspapers and magazines, exhibitions, participation in festivals, public meetings and some recognition.

He collaborates assiduously with some magazines, producing reports, such as L'Espresso, ioDonna, Internazionale.

For Vanity Fair he portrays more than thirty of the most famous Italian authors for "Scrittori in corso", a column curated by Caterina Soffici. Over the years he published hundreds of photographs in major Italian newspapers documenting the main events of news and political and economic news.anks to this commission he has the good fortune to meet Alda Merini, Nanda Pivano, Vincenzo Cerami and other great writers and poets of 900.

As artistic director of the Independent Photo Festival of Ivrea in 2010 and 2011, he calls the best Italian photography colleagues and experts to discuss about the profession.

Among the many exhibitions it hosts the exhibition in memory of Marco Pesaresi, photographer who deeply marked Luca's inspiration in the approach to work.

As a theater for his photographic research Luca chooses Europe, thanks to his authorial vision he wins the Bruce Chatwin prize for great travelers in 2010 and is praised by the maestro Gianni Berengo Gardin who recognizes his "heir" in Luca, and Claudio Magris who defines the project "almost Europe" as   "... beautiful, a concrete, poignant, wandering image of what is and is not Europe". The book "almost Europe", the first work published by Postcart in 2013, with 55 photos of classic, pure black and white, made between Kaliningrad and Istanbul during a trip of several months between Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria, with texts by Mario Dondero and Sergio Romano, is a critical and public success and is (almost) over.

Bastianelli Award (best Italian photography book first feature) 2014, nomination for World best book at PhotoEspana, selected for the exhibition "TIP - the Italian photobook, Best Italian book 2000/2014" edited by MiCamera.

In 2017, by Postcart is out the second book Still Europe, with texts by Francesco Acerbis and Zygmunt Bauman, the second chapter of the trilogy on Europe, a research that has seen him engaged for some years now.

Faithful to his nature, Luca is always on the road.




mobile  39 3477621805


​currently in Italy

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